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Superior Research, Persuasive Writing
American Freelance Wordsmiths

We believe in an honest exchange of quality skills for a competitive fair price.

We employ American writers as Freelancers. Unlike other companies, we never assign projects to a writer, rather we review, then publish your request to our Freelance writers, and they decide to undertake the assignment or not.

We ensure you the Freelancer is NOT ESL (English as a Second Language) by requiring an IRS W9 which indicates their tax status, and a 1099 mailing address. We further require, a verified matching PayPal account, and multiple samples of their works.

Honesty is the best policy...

Are the writers really from Ivy League schools? Absolutely NOT! They are the best at what they do, writing and research; as our testimonials from customers like you will attest. Never trust a company or individual who states they graduated from say, Yale, or Harvard without proof. These graduates may/may not write as Freelancers, and mostly if they do; is temporary to offset their tuition, and ultimately are professionally employed elsewhere. We cannot, in good conscious; claim falsely.

Freelancers Writers are wordsmith artisans...

...and YES; some have graduated from upper echelon schools. They are professionals who earn an honest daily living weaving words. Employed by us here at, and other notable institutions. We require standards that we believe ensures the quality outputs you'd expect. We review all works and stand firmly behind our guarantee. The number of Freelance Writers we employ varies widely, but we try to maintain about a dozen who's expertise ranges from Mythology to Psychology, History, Nursing, and Business, to name a few.